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With strong background of research and development radiation modified polymer materials, we ourselves are producing and developing varieties of chemical formulations for different heat shrinkable products. The 7 sets of mixing facilities ensure the fine dispersion of components in each formulation and the homogeneously physical, electrical and chemical properties in final products.


To obtain the products with stable and homogeneous dimensions, we equipped with 30 advanced extrusion line in which many key parts were improved by technology from foreign countries. The co-extrusion technology makes it possible for us to manufacture polyolefin/hot melt adhesive dual wall and insulation/conductive multi-layers tubing.

Radiation Crosslinking

2 sets of powerful electronic accelerator were installed in our company. The specially designed advanced under beam facilities can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of different size and shaped products and ensure the homogeneous crosslinking of products. To meet the increasing demand of our business, the third more powerful 5.0Mev electronic accelerator have been put into operation.


Expansion is a very important and key process to obtain the final forms and dimensions of heat shrinkable products. With the equipments and technology from Europe, we can accurately control the dimensions, longitudinal changes and eccentricity of the final products.

R & D Center

In accordance with the requirement of UL 224, Sony-SS-00259, RoHs compliance, and IEC, we equipped more than 30 sets of instruments and facilities for R & D purpose by which we can test mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, flammable and fluid resistant performances of polymeric products. To meet the special requirement of power cable accessories products we also set up a high voltage laboratory to test the high voltage performance of power cable kits.