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R&D equipment


         Haake Polydrive Mixer
         PolyDrive Extruder                  

 Thermal analysis machines 
       DSC Melting point, Crystallinity, Crystallizing temp.
       TGA Heat stability Filler content Dynamic of polymer 

Electrical Laboratory : 
         Partial Discharge 
         Impulse voltage generator
         Heat Cycling

Mechanical property testers :
       Tensile strength
       Yield strength
Tear and peel strength testing





Currently operating equipment in our factory :


         Oxygen Index tester
         Melt Index
         Density tester

         Cold bend
         Heat shock
         UV stability



         Atomic absorption
         UV Spectrophotometer

      High voltage testing facilities up to 150KV    
        as required by IEC
       Testing facility as required by UL 224
       Testing facility as required by