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We are eager to have talented people join our Company and also encourage them to achieve their dreams.
Employees are valuable assets of our Company. Our strategy is to promote the development of employees and to foster talent, through combining the goals of company with the desires of employees. 
We hope that employees will immerse themselves in our corporate culture, love the work that they and our Company do, and work dedicatedly and creatively.

We offer our employees:
1. Equitable job opportunities: We value the moral character and talent of our employees.  We offer them equal employment, incentives, promotion, pay and transfer opportunities, based on their performances. Employees will never be discriminated because of their race, skin color, religion, sex, age, ethnicity, marital status or disability;
2. Competitive system of values: We have a comprehensive system of salary and welfare to meet diverse needs;
3. Comprehensive programs for employee development: We pay close attention to the professional and personal development of our employees. Based on training and internal rotation, we offer employees opportunities of achieving their highest potential.
4. Communication, support and encouragement: We treat our employees with frankness and trust, give them opportunities and channels to express their opinions and respect their rights and dignities.  We create for our employees, an atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual appreciation and mutual respect;
5. Pleasant working environment: We respect the privacy of our employees and provide them with a cooperative and comfortable working environment.  We aim to solve the problems of our employees effectively and care about their welfare and lives.

Your efforts combined with what our Company offers will lead us down a path of success for the both of us!