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Heat Shrink Cable Accessories

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For plastic-insulated cables up to 1kV


High mechanical strength

Wide cross-section range suitable for all types of connectors
Compact dimensions
Increased UV and weathering stability
Unanimated shelf life and allows immediate reenergizing



0.6/1.0(1.2)kV Heat Shrink Termination
Termination Cable Insulation OD(mm) Cable Conductor Cross-section(mm²)
HLVT-1.2/4×1.5-10 2.95mm-5.6mm 1.5mm²--10mm²
HLVT-1.2/4×16-50 6.4mm-10.0mm 16-mm²--50mm²
HLVT-1.2/4×70-150 11.5mm-16.9mm 70mm²--150mm²
HLVT-1.2/4×185-400 18.5mm-26.5mm 185mm²--400mm²
0.6/1.0(1.2)kV Heat Shrink Joint
Joint Cable Insulation OD(mm) Cable Conductor Cross-section(mm²)
HLVJ-1.2/4×1.5-10 2.95mm-5.6mm 1.5mm²--10mm²
HL VJ-1.2/4×16-50 6.4mm-10.0mm 16-mm²--50mm²
HLVJ-1.2/4×70-150 11.5mm-16.9mm 70mm²--150mm²
HLVJ-1.2/4×185-400 18.5mm-26.5mm 185mm²--400mm²
*NOTE: 1. Cable insulation outer diameter is one of the prerequisite for cable accessories selection.
            2. 1-core to 5-core products are available for customize.
            3. Termination and Joint for 1 core cable can apply up to 1000mm2 cable conductor cross-section.