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Q1. )What does the best conditions for the storage of heat shrinkable tubing, and is there a shelf life issue?
A: Just keep in cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight to avoid premature recovery. General speaking, Hongshang heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing is unlimited in the storage temperature below 40, the shelf span if used constantly at the maximum operating temperature should be over three (3) years.

Q2. How do I measure I.D (Inside Diameter) for heat shrinkable tubing?
A:  The best way is to use plug guage, and try to reduce sliding friction between the plug and the inside wall of tubing.

Q3. Can you cross-reference your products with other brands?
A: Yes, please either contact Hongshang for help, or click here to view our website cross-reference.

Q4. What specifications do your products meet?
A: Most of our products have been tested comply with UL/CSA, IEC, ASTM, MIL, ISO specifications. Please visit our product specification given on the website or call us for help.

Q5. Can I get samples before ordering?
A: Absolutely, we are glad to provide you samples for your testing and approval. Please contact Hongshang for your request.

Q6. What Kind of warranty do your products have?
A: Hongshang provide Quality Certificate on all products that delivered, and are in effect for a period of six (6) months from the dated of shipment, unless otherwise specified.