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Candidates who are interested in the following positions, please send your resume to or fax to +86 75528484008 / 28483808
Oversea regional manager
Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above; cet-6, fluent spoken English.

2. Applicant who has experience of Industrial product sales and high polymer material knowledge will be preferred.

3. Applicant who comprehensively understands the American and African market and has oversea education background or working experience will be preferred.

Job contents:

1. Develop regional market; establish regional sales channels; improve regional sales model and complete sales tasks.

2. Collect and analyze regional information; research regional industrial policies; plan regional sales strategy.

3. Develop regional marketing planning, product planning, sales forecasts and regional sales planning.

4. Plan and participate in regional exhibitions.

5. Sales work: visit regional customers; exploit customer resources; and deal with customer enquiries; regional sales negotiation; contract signing and bidding.
Collect customer data; Analyze, evaluate and classify customers; communicate with customer, maintain customer relationship, and survey customer satisfaction.

Production process engineer
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer, materials, automobile, chemical machinery, industrial engineering, and etc.

2. More than 6 years working experience; more than 2 years working experience in heat shrinkage, new materials, automobiles, new energy or related industries.

3. 2 years working experience in processing and technical management;

4. Applicant who is good at English and has experience of working in a foreign company is preferred;

5. Applicant who has the experience of promoting the IE, PE, standard working-hour system or technical projects is preferred;

6. Have good learning ability, organizing ability, creativity and resource-integrating ability.

Job contents:

1. Formulate the annual plan for the processing technology and follow up the implementation of the project.

2. Organize, formulate and improve corporate technical standards.

3. Set up the project of technical improvement, then follow-up and review it.

4. Judge the feasibility of production of new product.

5. Cooperate with R&D to complete the output of new-product development, technological experiments and technological document.

6. Test new products, new projects, improved product and output technological document.

7. Provide process data of new product to count production cost.

8. Review and monitor of engineering changes.

9. Promote standardized production; provide technical support and guidance to production and other relevant departments.

10. Build technical team, conduct technician training.